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Executive Training

In an ever changing economy we believe the importance of knowledge acquisition cannot be over emphasized, we bridge the learning gap between your goals and achieving it, be it as an employer or employee.

H&C consulting is certified by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) as a world class training institute, with highly experienced facilitators to deliver unparallel knowledge transfer that takes your organization to the next level of productivity and bridge the learning gaps.                                                         

Some of our Training programs include:

  • — Customer Service training
  • Facility Management
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Community Advocacy programs

And many more!

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Who We Are

We are a team of experts licensed to operate and trained in every aspect of human resources with a passion in delivering exceptional services.
We seek to venture a trustworthy drive providing reliable professional custom key in the HR. mainstay such as Recruitment, staffing, background check, training and development, Payroll administration and other HRO solutions.
Our aim is to create and sustain a work place culture with people management practices and initiatives that encourage, recognize and reward behavior focused on quality performance.

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